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Are you Looking for Bengaluru car rentals for your upcoming trip in Bengaluru? Whether its business travel, casual travel or family vacation in Bengaluru, we have a wide variety of cheap car rental in all shapes and sizes. Here you will find car rental solutions in Bengaluru that suit your needs at the most affordable prices with the latest offers.

Car Hire Offers and Car Rentals in Bengaluru, now you can book full day taxi Bengaluru, airport transfer, Railway Transfer in Bengaluru. Here you will find a reliable Bengaluru based car rental company for Your all car hire needs. You can also book car tour packages to nearby or outstation travel destinations from Bengaluru or book cab for Bengaluru city tour.

Car Rentals Booking in Bengaluru. Taxi Service in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru city tour (full day and half day). Domestic and International Airport transfer from Bengaluru. Railway Station transfer from Bengaluru. Bengaluru Bus Station pick up and drop. Bengaluru outstation car booking with driver. Car Hire for Marriage (Wedding) Ceremony in Bengaluru. Car on Rent (Self Drive Cars)

Get best Bengaluru cab booking Deals on car rentals from Bengaluru to any city in India. Car Hire in Bengaluru available for all car types with top car rental operators at best deals and discounts. Tourist can also hire ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Bengaluru.

Note: All vehicles we install are fully equipped with the latest features and GPS features that ensure your ride will be safe, convenient and comfortable. You will find trained motorists (drivers), well-maintained ships at good prices.

A car rentals center near the hour taxi day hire in Bengaluru.

Hi Bengaluru car rentals You can now request for domestic travel and outside cab services at reasonable prices. For local currency, the fare from 800/-(includes 4 hours and 40 km).
By booking for local travel, you have a cab and a part-time driver and we take many stops to drive you around town during your booking, or shop. Whether you want to go, go back to socializing, get married or see a place, is in your hands, waiting for you as your car.
And the good part – you have the option of choosing the package you like. Our local rental rates.

Book a day taxi at Bengaluru Why Do Cabinets?

Get the same high quality and great prices you expect from now as local cities will find you renting.

  • Cabinets at your disposal: With Cabs Day fares, you can find cabs at your disposal for as long as you want and travel to many stops within the city limits with just one reservation.
  • Affordable Packages: Packages start in 4 hours and can last up to 12 hours! In addition, cabs can be maintained without package restrictions with a few extra charges.
  • Flexible reservations: Easily set up the day without worry as Failing Day Cabs allow you to book cabs in advance and ride as you allow.
  • Pay cash or go cashless: Now go cashless and make traveling easier. We have many payment options for your free transaction.
  • No wait or hike fee: Unlike point hikes you get the cab and driver you have during your hire. If you know you will be traveling around the city on a busy day, just book a car with a day driver and go to the city you want.

Lowest cab fare from Bengaluru City Cabs is.

Vehicle TypeModelSeaterPer Km RateDriver FoodMinimum
HATCHBACKIndica, Swift,4Rs 9/kmRs250300 KmView Details
SEDANDzire, Etios,4Rs 10/KmRs250300 KmView Details
SUVXylo, Ertiga,6Rs 12/KmRs250300 KmView Details

Bengaluru Car Booking Terms and Conditions.

Minimum Average 300kms. Par Day. Km Start Form Our Office To Office. Toll Tax, Parking & Road Tax Will Be Charge Extra. If User A/C 1 Time Then Full A/C Charge Will Be Apply. If Car Will  Be Drop On Other City Than Also Return Charge Will Be Apply. Driver Food Allovince Provided By The Tourist. Speed Limit On Highway Maximum 80 Km. When Car Is In Ideal Position A/C Will Not Use. Time;- Early Morning 6 AM To Evening 12 PM Or Commitment. Invoice Service Tax Will Be According To Government Terms /Will b Pay By Tourist.

Self-driving car rentals in Bangalore.

Affordable Price Easy and fast booking online. Clean and well-maintained vessels.

Whether you are traveling from Bangalore, traveling to Bangalore, or traveling to Bangalore, now you can enjoy the life and culture of Bangalore by taking unlimited pit stops of your choice with self-drive cars. Driving Vehicle Driving gives you the freedom and privacy you want by driving at your own speed. Whether you are on a business trip or a holiday, rent a self-drive car in Bangalore and make the city hassle-free by driving a car of your choice. Self Drive Car offers you a wide range of rentals cars in Bangalore to choose from – be it a compact hatchback, sedan, SUV, MUV, or luxury car, you will get the best self-drive car in Bangalore with drive cars. Self Drive Cars provides car hire in Bangalore with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly plans to meet your business travel needs, leisure travel needs, and your weekend getaway needs. Our cars come with unlimited kilometers so you can remember, not kilometers. You can either pick up the car from a predefined location or have your cars delivered through the door of your house. What are you waiting for, book now and get the lowest prices to guarantee?

24 Hour Taxi Service Bangalore.

It is often believed that successful cities depend on efficient public transport operating in conjunction with other sustainable travel options. Among the permanent travel options, local taxi services top the list. It is a personalized, mostly door-to-door micro-transit service, delivered locally to the city’s busiest public. By the nature of their service, a local taxi is an essential part of the urban mobility puzzle.

Development of industry.

The industry has a long history and dates from around the 1600s when horses and buggies were used to transport individuals in Paris. In particular, taxis were developed to provide convenient mobility solutions for working people who have chosen limited or convenient travel modes. Although the concept of the taxi originated in the 1600s, the trend did not persist in the US and other countries until later in the 1800s and early 1900s. However, the trend accelerated only after the large-scale growth of the automobile sector and when people saw an opportunity for loaned-out automobiles to create competition for the horse and buggy industry, in which they eventually succeeded.

An interesting fact is that the first local taxi to come on the market was battery-powered, with the battery weighing around 800 pounds.

Local taxi services required Bangalore.

Taxi transportation is not only important because of its last-mile service provisioning facility, but it also makes an alternative to complimentary public transport and private cars. Furthermore, keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of people and increasing traffic on the road, taxi transport also largely provides the missing link between public transport and final-destination.

Today, no metropolis can be imagined without a taxi system. Although individual vehicles are always considered the best mode for point-to-point connectivity as they provide comfort and flexibility, they come with the hassle of ownership costs, congestion, toll charges, unavailability of parking and high parking fees. Not so with local taxis. Therefore, there is a great scope of service in the market as it caters to the day to day transportation needs of the customers.

There are companies that allow their users to book local taxis through their website and mobile application and to a large extent help to solve their transportation and traffic. The system has evolved beyond imagination. People can book a taxi at any time of the day, any place, and that too in an instant using their smartphones. The mobile app has revolutionized the way taxi services are consumed.

The author is working at a reputed cab service company and offering 24-hour taxi services and is an expert author of travel services.

How to ride a safe and fun taxi Bangalore.

Even though you are very comfortable behind the wheel of your car, sometimes you need to rent a cab. After skipping the allowed limit to party and driving with friends overnight or not wanting to deal with the weird parking and parking issues in your system: in such cases, being called to book a cab can be a wise decision. For their affiliate payment, you can book a ride anytime, anywhere in your smart app with a single click.

It is always helpful to keep these tips in mind for taxi rides and safe.

Confirm and notify.

Make sure the driver knows your name and your destination when the taxi arrives, your check is there. Request proof of photo ID of the driver before boarding. Take a photo of the taxi that shows the number plate and if possible the driver. Before you get into the taxi, call a family member or friend, send them a photo, and let them know where you are taking the taxi again. Before getting into the cab, check that you are able to control the opening and closing of the window and door.

Use GPS and security apps on your mobile phone:

Keep GPS ‘ON’ on your mobile phone until you reach your destination. This ensures that the taxi takes you to your destination and does not stay away from the track. There are many apps that allow you to contact the police and other emergency services quickly. The phone numbers of family members and close friends should be on your speed dial list. In the event of an emergency, you can press the button and contact them immediately.

Select Controlled Roads:

Do not allow the driver to take shortcuts for any reason. Maintain and insist on safe, highway traffic. Remember that different routes are avoided, especially at night, even if it means arriving soon. The proverb ‘You better come later than you are’ is the principle we need.

Taxi Safety.

When you come back to a restaurant or go for a night out, swimming is better than going alone. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and open your wallet to count your money while you are in the taxi. For your safety, keep a steal or Bangalore to cover any revealing clothing while you are in the taxi.

Stay alert.

Avoid telephone conversations during travel. During such discussions, do not intentionally confuse private information that you may not hear from the driver and that you are using it illegally. If a driver tries to involve you in a conversation, avoid giving details. See where you’re going and don’t look for emails or games on your phone. You cannot leave your guard at any time, be careful, and be aware of your surroundings all the time.

Just keeping these 5 tips in mind will make riding your taxi a safe and fun experience. You can use the latest apps to make sure you hire a 24-hour taxi service. Online booking and app makes it much easier to rent a local taxi.

Whether it’s a yellow taxi or a 24-hour taxi service, it pays to follow some precautionary measures.

This author works for a well-known cab company that offers taxi reservation services online and is a professional writer about travel services.

Why does trust Self Drive Car Rental in Bangalore? is the best car rental service in Bangalore. There are many benefits to renting self-driving cars with us. Free Doorstep Pickup with Drop. For self-service cars, you are charged to look in the door and drop. At, we download and dispose of you anywhere in Bangalore at no additional cost.

Relax in your comfortable seat and leave the driving to our professional driving experts. You will stay and rejuvenated after your comfortable journey so you can truly enjoy your destination.

Enjoy a zero bond with on Bangalore. Unlike the determination made by you, we do not carry you responsible for any car damage.

Our sites are for your professional drivers and travel guides. They have a small and understated area for all the places they can eat, see and shop. They will help you in every possible way during your journey.

Book well. Forget about the headset of self-driving cars. Book your Taxi Taxi with a few clicks.

How to rent a car for rentals in Bangalore with the driver.

You can rent a car in Bangalore within a minute.

Book via our website: Choose if you want to rent a car in Bangalore or local traffic. Enter your download, destination, and departure date. Then choose the payment method. Your options include prepaid, partial paid, and postal. Once selected, pay.

Call Center: Call us on +917211186222, share your details and book with you.
Mobile app: Download our mobile app and rent our car in Bangalore.

Email inquiries: Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you need help planning your trip, our officials will respond immediately.

An excellent option to rent a car in Bangalore.

We offer several cab packages in Bangalore. You can choose between 8h / 80Kms local and 12h / 120Kms. Apart from this, you can pick and drop in and out of the airport for car hire in Bangalore. Our rates for car hire in Bangalore are competitive and we offer the highest quality services.

Choose from a variety of cars – Jaavak car rentals in Bangalore at excellent prices.
We have a huge fleet of vehicles of all ages and destinations. Hatchbacks, premium sedans, from Innovas to Mercedes and Tempo riders are paid in Bangalore.

Outstation trips from Bangalore

Bangalore is popularly known as Garden City and Silicon City or the IT city of the country. The second aspect of housing for more educated or upper-middle-class people in the city is about traffic, congestion and pollution. The best way to relax from your regular life is to go out of the city and enjoy a walk in the village of the state. Karnataka is rich in green color and some neighboring states are nearby to travel in a very short time.

  There are plenty of places to see in the weekend either by driving by yourself or by arranging for an outside cab in Bangalore. Renting a cab with a driver or guide in Bangalore is very easy and comfortable, as most of the nearby places can be better enjoyed with the help of a local guide cum driver.

  Some of the 3 popular places to visit in a day or two from Bangalore.

  1. Mysore

  Mysore is about 120 KMS from Bangalore and a regular journey in a cab will not exceed 3 hours. Mysore is a versatile place that anyone can enjoy. There are more than 15 popular places and spots to visit in and around Mysore. One of the popular places to visit is the Royal Palace, Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills, Himada Gopalaswamy Betta and so on …

  2. Coorg

  Coorg or traditionally known Kodagu is located in the Western Ghats and is a popular place to visit during the summer. Kodagu is about 250 kms away and takes about 5 hours to travel by an external cab from Bangalore. Coorg is a cool place where you get to enjoy the fresh and chill air all the time and is surrounded by a rich coffee plantation.

  3. Mangalore

  Mangalore is a coastal region, where people travel all the way from Bangalore to enjoy the beach part of the state. Mangalore is of Karnataka, but the official and local language is Tulu. Mangalore culture is a mixed culture of Kerala and Karnataka, which play a major role in balancing the demand for fish for the state.

  What is a one-way cab?

  It is very self-explanatory but we will elaborate it for you. One way cab service is a common practice within cities. Therefore, one-way cabs operate outside cities. You just book your cab, arrive at your destination and say goodbye to the cab. And after that you are all on your own, but without half the fatigue of driving an actual car to your destination.

  Ideal ways to catch a cab

  1. Pondicherry – Most of Pondicherry is best explored by foot or bicycle. It lets you soak in the details of the city, cafes, beaches and everything else. So travel from your city to Pondi and catch your bicycle.

  2. Wayanad – Since there is not much traffic and there is a lot to trek and roam, you can leave the cab at your hotel and go by yourself.

  3. Gokarna – There is no better place to take your time in search. Gokarna is calm and calm about it all. You do not need to take your taxi with you.

  4. Shimla – Going to the small town is a difficult task but once you get there, we urge you to ride the cab and go on foot. The entire city is picturesque and heavy. So don’t worry about the cold. The view will warm your heart.

  5. Cherrapunji – A spectacular rainforest is growing in the Northeast region in India and we highly recommend that you all walk through the green path and leave your taxi behind.

  6. Auroville – A self-sufficient integrated community with so much to give, Auroville is truly magnificent in its existence. Nevertheless, explore it through all its small paths and once you get there, dig out the cab.

  We say, you go on your short getaway with a one-way taxi to all these places on the list and as soon as you are done, we will have the next set of suggestions ready.

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