About Us

We are India’s leading taxi driver in the center of cities.

We launched Java on July 3, 2019, with the aim of transforming the India-operated taxi regime with high-quality service; reliable delivery and reasonable prices. Each member of our leadership team has over 15 years of global exposure, and industry experience with the power of disruptive technologies, jobs, and markets. The founders came from educational institutions such as IIT Ahmedabad, USC USA and IIM Racket.

We have applied to determine various pricing structures, taxes, and levies across the country and to make it easier to understand transparent pricing models. Our technology lowers dead heads (miles of construction) from taxi drivers. We improve consumer costs by working the Market Maker in the market. Operators find businesses and consumers gain access to cars as needed. We work with licensed staff, so our supply chain is unlimited. We focus on quality control, so there is a standard for driver behavior, punctuality, traffic etc. As a developer, we balance everything to keep improving as we improve daily. We focus mainly on tourism (between cities) and serving customers in over 200 cities across India. We believe in continuous improvement, and always welcome your suggestions for improvement.
Please email us at [email protected].

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